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Silva Bay in 1943. The war casts its shadow even here. Kanshiro Koyama, who ran the fish camp for a decade has had to leave. He and his family have been scooped up and transplanted, with thousands of other Japanese Canadians, away from the coast, their livelihood and their home. Wilf Taylor, who took over the lease, is leaving too. The whole camp, including the store and living quarters, is on floats, always at the mercy of the sea. Their child is found under water, close to drowning, and the Taylors have had enough.

But the Japanese fishermen, packers and storekeepers have thought about the future of the businesses they are leaving. They encourage two young fishermen from Galiano Island, Les and Jack Page, to revive the fish camp at Silva Bay.

The Page brothers know about fishing. As boys they acquainted themselves with every bay and inlet in the Strait of Georgia, working wherever work was available, as far north as the Skeena River. In 1939 they purchased their first fishing vessel, the 30-ft M.V. Spirit, and during the winter months caught dogfish in the Gulf Island waters. Dogfish became big business when science discovered its liver was rich in Vitamin D.

From 1940, Jack works seasonally as a marine mechanic for the North Pacific Cannery on the Skeena. Les makes Galiano his headquarters; he and the M.V.Spirit haul lumber, freight and tourists, whenever thEXPANDey aren't fishing cod. Pearl Harbor makes a huge gap in the fishing fleet, removing the Japanese and inspiring other young men to  enlist - although fishing like

Page's store in the 1950's

Page’s Resort & Marina has been serving visitors since 1943. Originally a fish camp on Silva Bay, Page’s has since expanded into a full time, full service resort along the shores of the bay.